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Work Safe Alberta is a government-led initiative in consultation with industry and labour to help prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

About Us

Rick and Janice Valstar have owned and operated Vstar Enterprise Ltd. for 19 years. 

Both are long term residence of Rocky Mountain House, and Clearwater county.


The company started as a logging company and has adjusted to allow for growth and accommodations to other industries including;  oilfield, construction, reclamation, demolition

Rick and Janice are dedicated to providing a safe and reliable worksite for their employees, contractors, and sub contractors, while providing best service possible to their customers.

Alberta's forest products industry and the AFPA work together to develop public awareness of the industry, fostering a greater understanding of the economic, environmental, and social values of Alberta's forests. The AFPA provides member companies with service in the areas of Environment, Forestry, Health and Safety, Lumber Grading, and Transportation.

Forestry Facts

Forests cover nearly 60 per cent of Alberta, with 38 million hectares of forested lands.
To ensure the sustainability of Alberta's forests, government policy does not allow timber harvesting to exceed the forest's ability to grow.
The annual forest growth of all inventoried public lands in the province is estimated at 44.5 million cubic metres.
The net Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) is close to 23.1 million cubic metres. Less than one percent of the forested land is harvested in any year.

Working Together

Know Who is On Your Side

The Alberta Government and Alberta's forest products' sector are working together to contribute to the economic and environmental prosperity of Alberta and our forests.

The AFPA has developed a comprehensive forestry career awareness program in Canada, reaching out to youth to educate on the diversity of employment choices in forestry and the amazing benefits of having a career in a sustainable resource management.  "Work Wild" Campaign has connected with students and is regarded as the most successful recruitment initiative launched in Alberta for forest workers.

Safety Partners

Company Management

One of the main challenges for small business operators is avoiding "burn out".  Vstar Enterprises Ltd. owner Rick Valstar, works closely with DVC Construction owned and operated by his brother David Valstar.


Advantage of Working Together

Working together has allowed the brothers to survive in the unpredictable workforce.  They have been able to transform from logging to construction, oilfield, demolition and reclamation.  Regardless of where the equipment is working the brothers continue to gain experience and knowledge to better their companies.

The Value of Qualified Employees

Worker's involved with Vstar Enterprises Ltd.  are required to be orientated before the start of their position.  It is the responsibility of management to assure that employees are able to safely perform their assigned tasks.

Employees meet the training requirements to perform the task related to their duties.  Proper training allows the employees to complete their work efficiently and safely.

Being able to anticipate hazards will help maintain a safer work environment for all of us.